Custom designed stands that are also modular, scalable and reusable

The problem with old-fashioned custom-built exhibition stands is that they’re costly to transport and build, difficult to reuse again in different stand space, and are environmentally unsound.

Alternatively, many exhibition solutions that call themselves ‘modular exhibition stands’ are in reality little more than banner-displays, not suitable for serious SME and Corporate exhibitors.

And then there are exhibition systems that are genuinely modular, but are made up from ugly metal poles that cut through the graphics, breaking up the look of your branding and graphics.

The Prestige Events System is unique, in that it bridges the gap between conventional modular solutions and custom-designed stands, combining the best of the two.

So exhibition stands designed and created in Prestige offer a distinctive ‘custom’ look, with flowing panoramic graphics, tall branding features, integrated flat-screen displays and product showcasing.

The difference is, that Prestige stands are truly modular, allowing you to easily reconfigure and reuse your exhibition stand at future events.

This modularity makes Prestige the only custom designed solution that is reusable, saving exhibitors lots of money over an events programme.