Custom Designed Exhibition Stands

Exhibition stands that are custom designed, yet modular, scalable and reusable over an entire exhibiting programme.

Custom exhibition stands, designed and built in the Prestige Events System

Quadrant2Design, design and build exhibition stands that are custom in look and feel, but are also modular and reusable.

This means exhibitors get custom stands that can be reconfigured and reused in different stand space at different events.

Our stands have a unique range of design, support and value benefits that can’t be found with other exhibition stand solutions.

Our exhibition stands are available on our Free2hire™ plan, or on a Buy2self-build™ basis.

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Exhibition stands that wed custom design with the ability to reconfigure and reuse, in different stand space, at your future events

We design and provide custom designed exhibition stands that are built in the premier Swiss-designed, Prestige Events System. Prestige stands feature 100% custom-designed graphics, with no ugly metal or timber structure visible.

This ‘100% Graphic Look’ creates bespoke exhibition stands with beautiful lifestyle or themed visual environments, together with seamless integration of custom product-showcasing and digital displays

Yet beneath this custom build look, lays the beating heart of a functional, practical and cost-saving modular and resuable exhibition stand solution.

So while your besoke exhibition stand will look unique, different and custom built, you’ll also benefit from the stands modular nature and the reusability this brings to your exhibiting programme.

Custom designed exhibition stands, that are modular, scalable and reusable over your entire exhibiting calendar

  • Created in the Swiss-designed Prestige Events System
  • Unique 100% Graphic Look (with no visible structure)
  • Ideal for creating lifestyle or themed graphic environments
  • Beautiful product showcasing and digital presentation
  • Bespoke-designed, custom-built look and feel
  • Modular – reconfigures for different, future, stand-space
  • Scalable – create smaller or larger stands
  • Reusable – saving you money over your exhibiting programme

Prestige stands are available on a number of hire or purchase options, with the choice of self-build or professional build – all avaiable under our Freedom2Exhibit® pricing options.

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Beautiful custom design for NEC stand
Bespoke stand for Optiflex
Stand design by Quadrant2Design for UltraLube

Freedom2Exhibit® offers three great ways to invest in your next custom designed exhibition stand


Project Management | Installation | Zero Hire Cost


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Full Ownership | Self Manage | Training & Support


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Self Manage | Stand Hire | Training & Support


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Quadrant2Design offer bespoke Photo-Floor that complements clients
custom exhibition stands



100% Pre-Build

All custom stands are pre-built as part of our strict qulaity control process



Cost & Value

Our custom stands are reusable over many events, representing great value for money



Custom Stand Showroom

Come and visit and get inspired!



Training & Support

We offer free ‘one-to-one’ training and support for customers who
self-build their custom stands



Unique Design Features

A range of innovative exhibition stand design features



Lifetime Free Design

Free lifetime reconfiguration of your exhibition stand into different stand space



Health & Safety

Important health and safety benefits that help protect you



Lifetime Product Guarantee

We have such confidence in our exhibition stand frames, that we supply them
with a lifetime guarantee



Free Design Visuals

Fresh, new, alternative design ideas for your next exhibition stand, with your branding, images and colours. Free of charge and without obligation


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