Cost and Value

Seamless Textures Are All Part of The Package from Quadrant2Design

Reducing your exhibition stand costs, while retaining creativity, quality and impact

Don’t be fooled by initial prices, the real cost is measured over all your events.

Sometimes an initially attractive price becomes expensive when you discover (too late) that your stand cannot easily be used for your future events!

Or worse still, your new exhibition company wants to charge you ‘an arm and a leg’ for storage of your stand, or other hidden costs

Fortunately the Prestige Events System has been designed from the ground-up as a reusable, modular solution that will be cost-saving over future exhibiting.

We can help you reduce future exhibiting costs:

  • Prestige stands are reusable and modular, allowing you to reconfigure and reuse your exhibition stand over all your future exhibiting.
  • The system’s lightweight, compact packing and easy build characteristics ensure your future transport and labour costs will be reduced.
  • We help you re-design your stand to fit future (different) stand space with free 3-D stand design, under our Lifetime Free Design plan.
  • The Free-Hire option reduces your costs because you pay nothing for the hire of the stand hardware.
  • Free-Hire is available whenever you need it; you can use Free-Hire once, twice or indefinitely for all your exhibiting.
  • Again with Free-Hire, you pay no storage costs, not even for your graphics, which we store free of charge between shows.
  • The ‘Purchase and Self-Build’ plan allows frequent exhibitors the total freedom to exhibit where, when and how they please, without the cost of involving contractors.