Coil Candy E-Liquid: Exhibition Stand Case Study

The Background

Coil Candy, based in Florida, produce e-liquids in seven distinct flavours. They take inspiration from the most delicious fruits and desserts you can find. And, according to their reviews, their e-liquid is one of the best products a vaper can buy.

The vape industry has become a hugely competitive market in the last decade. Because of this rapid growth, several trade shows have launched in the UK to give suppliers a chance to show off their product.

Coil Candy booked a floor space at the Vape Expo in 2016 and asked Quadrant2Design to design their exhibition stand. The Vape Expo is held at the NEC in Birmingham. It is one of the largest and most prestigious e-cigarettes and vaping shows.

Vaping trade shows are unique because they attract large crowds of consumers and distributors. People attend these events to find new products either for themselves or to stock in their shop.

This gives exhibitors a chance to find suppliers and sell products, which is why knowing where to exhibit is so important

Coil Candy’s Exhibition Stand: The Brief

Coil Candy sell e-liquid in small bottles. Because Vape Expo is a trade and consumer show, they wanted the opportunity to display as many products as possible. Coil Candy asked us to design an exhibition stand with enough space to display 4,000 bottles of e-liquid.

They had decided to share their floor space with another company (which is a great idea if you are looking for exhibition budgeting tips). Coil Candy booked a 6m X 6m space with three open sides. They used 6m X 3m to showcase their brand and products.

The biggest challenge in this brief was designing an eye-catching stand that didn’t take attention away from the products. Coil Candy needed out-of-site storage to keep stock that they would replenish. But they also need bold graphic design that would help them stand out at Vape Expo.

Furthermore, they needed an exhibition stand that they could reconfigure as they intended to exhibit at Vape Expo again. And they did. The following year, they asked us to adapt their stand to fit a 3m X 3m space that was open on one side.


Quadrant2Design work with one solution, the Prestige Events System. It offers a 100% graphic look, with no aluminium framework interrupting your branding. Our system is reusable and reconfigurable, so Coil Candy would be able to use the same stand year-on-year.

To offer Coil Candy even more value, we suggested that they take advantage of our Free2Hire pricing plan. This includes:

  • in-house project management
  • bespoke graphic design
  • professional installation and dismantle
  • Free lifetime design

This is the best package deal for rental exhibition stands, as we never charge a fee to hire the hardware. What’s more, the cost of repeat exhibiting can decrease by up to 70%.

Coil Candy saw the benefits of our Free2Hire plan when they booked their second space at Vape Expo. They were able to reuse their graphic panels and their branded counter on a different sized shell scheme space. Our CAD designers reconfigured their exhibition stand for free as part of their lifetime free design

Unique Exhibition Stand Design Features for Vape Expo

Coil Candy provided us with their branding guidelines so that we could design an exhibition stand that perfectly defined them. We’re experts when it comes to graphic design for large format printing, but we like to add unique design features to make every stand more impactful.

High-level branding is a great way to make your brand stand out. As is movement. And lighting.

We designed a fret cut backlit rotating header for Coil Candy. The feature stood almost a metre above the rest of the stand, towering over competitors. Coil Candy’s logo was visible from across the floor.




To solve the storage solution, we integrating shelving into Coil Candy’s branded counter. The shelving had open access at the rear and clear windows on the front. It made the whole stand feel more like a shop than an exhibition display.

Finally, we included illuminated showcases with integrated shelving for additional product display. These showcases were coloured coordinated to make the products on display. There was also a storage area that Coil Candy could access via a curtain to keep excess stock tidy and out of sight.

Written by Alan Jenkins