Welcome back to our monthly round-up where we look at some of the stands we have installed and the shows we have attended over the past few weeks. During our November exhibitions, we attended 40 events with over 60 clients!

It has been another hectic month for us at Quadrant2Design, however, the busy exhibition season is soon to settle as the festive month of December is here!

Below are some of the modular stands our team has installed for our amazing customers during the November exhibitions:

Passenger at Euro Bus Expo 2022

Passenger is a technology and software company assisting local authorities and travel companies to enhance their customer experiences with travel. The modern, slick, professional software they offer has translated into their exhibition stand design.

Their 5.5m x 5.5m corner reusable display features, high-level branding, a custom branded counter, a Quadrant2Design photo-floor and an integrated 4D showcase for literature displays.

Large corner exhibition stand for Passenger Technology by Quadrant2Design

Norco Holdings Ltd at Advanced Engineering 2022

With 35 years of experience in industrial production, Norco is a leading manufacturer of lightweight composite structures and GRP mouldings. Their 6m x 3m open peninsula stand features, colour-changing edge-lit acrylics, fret cut back-lit panels, four bespoke cut showcases for product displays, a custom branded counter and staggered high-level branding.

Haier Biomedical at Lab Innovations

Haier Biomedical is the world’s only complete cold chain medical equipment provider, with a focus on the design, manufacturing, marketing and sales of a wide range of laboratory equipment.

Their 8m x 3m, corner sustainable stand includes, a fret cut backlit rotating header, a modular walkthrough structure, 3.3m high-level branding and a Quadrant2Design photo-floor.

 HotelRunner at World Travel Market 2022

Through state-of-the-art technology, HotelRunner provides services such as cloud-based online sales, digital marketing and channel management platform to help boost hotel outreach.

A 8m x 3m portable exhibition stand is stacked with attractive features, for example, a back-lit branded rotating header, a custom printed counter, back-lit illuminated icons, 3.9m high-level branding and 100% seamless graphics across the entire stand.

 Byotrol at The London Vet Show 2022
Through the development and commercialization of market-leading antimicrobial technologies and products, Byotrol aims to improve lives all around the world. With impressive future aspirations, comes an impressive trade stand.

The 11m x 4m open peninsula stand features, two custom printed counters, a Quadrant2Desigbn photo-floor, colour-changing edge-lit acrylic, fret cut back-lit panels and multiple illuminated showcases from product and literature displays.

 CLM Fireproofing at The London Build Expo 2022

Known as a UK market leader in passive fire protection, the company, founded 30 years ago, offers cutting-edge developments in the construction industry, protecting customers from non-compliance businesses and low fire safety standards.

CLM Fireproofing’s minimalistic stand includes 3.3m high-level branding, colour-changing edge-lit acrylic, fret cut back-lit panels, custom counter fix and a Quadrant2Design photo-floor.

Thank you to all of our customers for these November exhibitions… we can’t wait until your next shows! To discuss your exhibition stand requirements call one of our experts on 01202 723 500 or email design@quadrant2design.com.