CitySprint Exhibition Stand

What you Need to Know About CitySprint

If you’ve ever wondered why you should exhibit, CitySprint’s case study is perfect for you. CitySprint offer delivery and logistics solutions across the UK and are proud to deliver for the NHS.

As a national courier, you might expect them to exhibit at a trade show relating to delivery and logistics. CitySprint took a different approach. Their experience delivering for the NHS gave them the perfect testimonial to target businesses seeking delivery services in the healthcare industry.

CitySprint booked floor spaces at Optrafair, the Pharmacy Show, IRX and the Clinical Pharmacy Congress. In April 2014, they exhibited at two shows within two weeks of each other.

Since we’ve had a relationship with them, they’ve launched On the Dot – a dedicated pharmaceutical delivery service. We had a great time working on rebranding their exhibition stand.

Creating an Exhibition Stand for Optrafair and the Pharmacy Show

CitySprint were keen to include high-level branding across the entire stand. The standard height of an exhibition stand is 2.5m, but high-level branding can be up to 4m tall. This would give CitySprint a much bigger presence on the trade show floor.

Another thing that CitySprint needed was storage space. Exhibition stands can look messy if there is no out-of-sight storage available to keep promotional literature and giveaways out of the way.

Finally, CitySprint needed a reusable and reconfigurable stand. It would be unrealistic to try to get the same size floor space at every show. Here is a small example of the spaces that CitySprint have booked previously.

OptrafairOlympia7m X 4.5mOpen 2 sides
Clinical Pharmacy CongressExCel10m X 3mOpen 3 sides
Pharmacy ShowNEC4m X 3mOpen 2 sides
IRXNEC6m X 5mOpen 3 sides

Their exhibition stand had to adapt to suit all of these floor spaces and more.

A Custom Modular Solution for a Busy Exhibiting Calendar

CitySprint had a busy exhibition calendar, with trade shows taking place in London and Birmingham. Our custom modular exhibition stands are the ideal solution for this kind of strategy. They’re lightweight, easy-to-transport and don’t require any power tools during the build-up.

To save money, we suggested CitySprint take advantage of our Free2Hire pricing plan. If you were wondering about the cost of your exhibition stand, this pricing package can help you exhibit more for less money.

CitySprint were able to take advantage of professional installation and dismantle, all taken care of by our expert in-house project managers. The custom graphics belonged to them and the package includes no-fee rental of any hardware.

Thanks to our lifetime free design policy, CitySprint were able to have their stand updated and reconfigured by our in-house CAD and graphic design team. Overall, this was the perfect exhibiting solution for a logistics company with plans for rebranding.

How we Ensured CitySprint Would Stand Out

Since we started working with CitySprint, they have rebranded and we have enhanced our product offering. We’ve designed and developed several unique design features that we were able to incorporate into their stand.

This includes things like curved, branded counters and illuminated product showcases. To bring the brand to life, our graphic designers created a photo-floor for an immersive branded experience.

Storage was highlighted in the brief and we wanted to make sure they had plenty. By creating a unique structure and fitting a curtain, we were able to give CitySprint maximum out-of-sight storage to keep their stand tidy.

Finally, our designers knew that CitySprint were keen to fix screens and iPads into their exhibition stand. We included iPad mounts on their branded counters so that they were able to capture lead data and show prospects their website.

Written by Alan Jenkins