With all the options available to you, choosing an exhibition stand contractor can be a challenge. If you only look at a website, how can you be sure that a company will meet or exceed all your exhibition needs and expectations?

A reliable way to test the water with a new stand contractor is to visit them in person. If a company does not offer this option you may have to conduct extensive research through their website and reviews, or alternatively find a contractor that does.

An exhibition involves commitment, planning, costs and time, meaning choosing the right company to build your stand is even more vital. Visiting an exhibition contractor can be extremely valuable in building trust. Once you are able to speak to the experts in person, any pre-show worries may start to fade.

People talking about how to plan a trade show

Here at Quadrant2Design, we are fully aware of the benefits of inviting potential and existing clients to our office. We know it opens a door of transparency between the two parties, and our office in Poole, Dorset provides just about everything you would need to see before giving the go-ahead.

It’s fair to say that we are much more than just a ‘standard’ office. All aspects of building an exhibition stand are handled under one roof. From the initial design to the pre-building, if visiting, you will gain a strong idea of what the whole process looks like from start to finish. What we do is considered rare, so we love providing clients with the opportunity to see it for themselves.

Our exhibition stand design showroom in Poole, Dorset.

Here are four key reasons to visit Quadrant2Design:

  • Our Showroom

Our showroom is integrated within the top floor of the building, part of our main office space. We have five stands, all of which are different, and display a variety of features we can integrate into your design. You will be shown around each stand, discussing options and features you may want to see on your display.

It is also very beneficial for getting an idea of stand sizing, lighting, and our exclusive modular Prestige Events System. We feel our showroom is very important to see first-hand, as it can help you understand what our exhibition solution can offer.

  • In-person proposals

Here at the office, we have a meeting area where our design consultants will talk you through your free design proposal. The proposal will be presented to you on a large screen, allowing you to see all the details of the design in full. We provide tea and coffee and offer tours around the building allowing you to see the different stages of exhibition stand production.

  • Stand Viewings

There is no better piece of mind than seeing your stand in person, weeks before the opening of your up-and-coming show. If you give us a date of when you are available to stop by, we will pre-build your stand ready for you to look at. When we prebuild your exhibition stand, it’s a 100% build, down to every last detail. This is almost never seen or performed with another exhibition stand contractor. Once you have visited, we break it down and store it in our secure cases ready for the big day, your show.

  • Stand-building training

If you decide to purchase or hire a stand, and self-build, this does not mean you are on your own. We provide free full in-house training, plus our website is full of online tutorials, giving you step-by-step instructions to guide you through all the processes.

The training will be run by one of our professional stand installers, who will help you become an expert within just a few hours. The Prestige Event System is designed to be simplistic, safe and of course, sustainable if you decide to exhibit again.

Liana erecting self building exhibition stand at Toy Fair.

Get in touch with us by emailing us at design@quadrant2design.com or calling on 01202 723 500 to get a free, no-obligation design proposal.