Chloe’s see-through drawers

Last week, a new client posed our Design Consultant, Chloe Anderton, a dilemma. They asked for a new storage area on their Exhibition Stand to store their watches. Normally we’d suggest a product showcases to our clients (Product showcases are an integrated design feature solely for the Prestige System which we designed and created last year, which we have since improved to feature either a lockable, sliding door or a hinged door – see below)


But our client already have a lockable product showcase on their stand, where they’re going to place all their display watches. This second storage area they wanted to be underneath the showcase, but easily accessible, so they could easily get to doubles of all the watches to show customers without having to keep unlocking and opening the display showcase.

The Design Team had to quickly get together and brainstorm a solution. They knew that it could be done, because we’ve already been able to add many great features to the system like endcap showcases and integrated plasma televisions,all of which we couldn’t do when we first started using Prestige. Eventually, the team decided to use the existing rigid skeleton of the showcase to make these set of drawers, as it was already a rigid frame that could easily be adapted.

Referring to his previous design knowledge of simplicity and functionality, Designer Christo Botes started drawing up designs for drawers that were not only compatible with the clients requirements, but also in tune with our own modern, clean and efficient designs. A bit of maths was required to evenly space the drawers, as well as work out what design and material would comfortably deal with a variety of different weights.


And this was the finished result. Which to you may just look like a set of see-through drawers, but to us, it’s just the start of what we can really do with Prestige. With a small innovation like this, we can keep on developing and evolving the system, pushing our creativity to new limits. Who knows, we could even use the tracks in the drawers to feature pull out keyboards for computer stations…? There are endless possibilities. It may have taken a lot of planning and thinking, but it’s a high-quality feature we can use again and again, and offer to clients in the future because all the plans and dimensions are done.



For a designer, Christo said he really enjoyed this challenge, and has said he can’t wait for any similar challenges  like this brought forward by prospective clients.


So go on, ask yourself: what do you want Prestige to do for you?