Last week we were pleased to welcome Rob and Paul from Cheatwell Games to our dedicated pre-build facility where they had their first opportunity to explore and test out their exhibition stand ready for the Toy Fair 2024.

Quadrant2Design invites all of our customers to attend their pre-build, as it provides a perfect opportunity to get a feel for their stand, test out any display features and plan out how they will use the stand during their event.

Quadrant2Design's 100% exhibition stand pre-build guarantee


100% Exhibition Stand Pre-Build Guarantee

Quadrant2Design pre-builds every single stand we create. We don’t build half-finished stands and we don’t build them with bits missing. We build each stand right down to the last detail!

There are a few reasons for this

  • It allows us to quality-check the entire stand long before the final event. It’s one thing to see a stand design on a screen but to check the real thing means that we can guarantee that everything is perfect long before your stand arrives at your event.
  • We don’t believe in leaving the build until the day of your event and hoping that everything will be how it should be. In the very rare cases where issues do arise, our pre-build checks allow us to identify and remedy these issues well in advance, rather than running around trying to troubleshoot on the build day.
  • As we see in the video above, it’s a great opportunity for customers to come in and see their stand in the real world, get a feel for where everything is and test out the features. This means they can hit the ground running on the first day of their show.

Thank you very much to Rob and Paul for visiting us! We’re glad you enjoyed your pre-build and we hope you have a fantastic time at the Toy Fair 2024!

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