chass accredited contractor

Avoid any nasty surprises by choosing a trusted CHAS-accredited exhibition stand contractor

Stay on top of the regulations, as failure to do so could not only damage your company’s reputation but could also result in a hefty fine!

In 2016, the Health & Safety Executive decreed that CDM regulations (Construction, Design and Management) should apply to the events and exhibitions industry, meaning the same legislation that governs the building of permanent structures like offices, houses, public buildings and the £56 billion HS2 high-speed rail project, would now apply to the temporary structures used at events and exhibitions!

After some debate, the HSE rethought its stance on the compliance process. The upshot was that the regulations introduced were appropriate to our industry, but nevertheless sufficiently stringent as you might expect.

Whilst there is now an added burden placed on exhibition and design contractors, the onus is firmly on the client to ensure that their appointed contractor is legally compliant and competent in delivering on health and safety regulations.

At Quadrant2Design, rather than seeing this new legislation as a hindrance, the management team saw an opportunity to add even greater value to our client-contractor relationships, by building in processes which ensure legal compliance at every step of the way.

Choosing to work with Quadrant2Design means you can rest easy when it comes to the latest CDM regulations. Quadrant2Design is CHAS (Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme) certified; an accreditation which confirms a contractor is meeting the high level of health and safety competence the industry demands.

Quadrant’s exclusive Prestige Exhibition Stands is not only the most visually stunning exhibition stand on the market today, it’s also lightweight, stable and easy to configure, requiring no power tools in the assembly process. This exhibition stand system is also entirely ‘clean-process’, with no sawdust, fumes, paint, glues or laminates involved.

Ensuring that your exhibition stand contractor is CHAS-accredited will save you time, hassle and possibly money too!

Check whether your contractor is CHAS-certified today!