Can our competitors ‘self-build’ a 10 metre wide exhibition stand, with two men and no tools, in 35 minutes?

Let’s be honest – many exhibition companies will tell you that their exhibition stands are so, so easy to build, and so, so easy to transport.

Most, if not all of these claims are hot air!

So how can we prove to you, how quick and easy our Prestige exhibition stands are to build? And how compact and light they are for transport?

How can we demonstrate to you that when we say the Prestige Events System is the finest ‘easy-build’ solution, that we’re being sincere?

The Video

Take a look at our video – if another exhibition contractor can build a stand like the one shown in our video, within the same constraints, we will donate £1000 to the charity of their choice.

Like our exhibition stand, the competitor’s stand must:

Be transported in an average sized family estate car (think about this – 10 metre wide x 3.9 metre high stand, in an average estate car)

The stand must be a minimum of 10 metres wide, with three different heights, up to a minimum of 3.9 metres

The stand must have curved walls, with 100% graphics coverage, with no visible ugly metal construction

Be built by two men, in under 35 minutes, without tools – not even an allen key!

Feature an integrated 42inch LED screen and a smaller TFT screen

Feature product display showcases

Feature a revolving branding feature

Be a recognised, modular, self-build exhibition stand system available within the United Kingdom

Challenge must take place at our Poole premises, and under our supervision