Celebrating 20 Years in Business in 2020

 Two Decades of Creating Amazing Exhibition Stands

Wow! 20 years of Quadrant2Design. 2020 is the year we celebrate our 20th year in business – our “china” anniversary.

20 years of our dynamic and dedicated team of designers, project managers and installers working closely with our valued customers, learning from challenges on the way, to deliver exhibition stands to the highest expectation.

20 years of Quadrant2Design successfully designing and building over 10,000 exhibition stands for our many clients.

20 years of Quadrant2Design having the honour of helping numerous start-ups and SMEs, as well as well-known large organisations like the Bank of England, New York Stock Exchange, and Tesco.

It’s been quite a ride. As we mark this exciting milestone for the company, let’s take a moment to look back at the extraordinary journey . . .

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Millennium Aspiration

The company was founded out of the imagination of Alan and Elizabeth Jenkins, from the humble origins of their front room back in 2000, under the original name of Exhibit-UK.Net.

After having worked in the photographic and exhibition industries for over 27 years, Alan wanted to create a process led company that was able to create beautiful, yet practical, exhibition stands efficiently.

Our first client? That honour belongs to the Fiji Tourist Board, who hired us to create their stand for their exhibition at the World Travel Market. Since then, the company has expanded to become one of the country’s leading exhibition stand designers and suppliers, now operating from large industrial units in Poole, Dorset.

The Company Built on Quality Control

Even in the early days of the business, there was that strong quality and project management work ethic that Quadrant2Design is famous for today. As you probably already know, our exclusive pre-build process is one of the main reasons many exhibitors choose us – as it means they can avoid any risk of things going wrong on the day of their exhibition.

But although this is surprisingly unique in the exhibiting world, it is far from being new to us. Alan has been pre-building exhibition stands from day one – often in his back garden in those more primitive days of the business.

Pre-build is hard-wired into our production and quality control process. It’s something we do with every exhibition stand. It’s the guarantee of our client’s success at the show.”

Alan Jenkins, Managing Director, Quadrant2Design.

Building up the Business

By 2001, the company had grown enough to up-grade to a large office and warehouse space in Wareham, Dorset. Then a couple of years later, in 2003, Andrew Carney, a core member of the team and the Q2D backstory, joined as the company’s salesperson.

This was a pivotal moment for the company. With a background in the graphic design industry and a mutual understanding of the company’s philosophy, ethics, and procedures, Andrew could see Alan’s vision for the organisation. He soon became a company director, and has since played an instrumental role in building up the business to become the leading exhibition company it is today.

The Moment that Changed Everything

It is said that everything can change forever in just one moment, and, as any entrepreneur can testify, that is certainly true in the world of business.

Such a moment occurred when Alan and Andrew visited an exhibiting exhibition (yes, that does sound a bit weird – it was an exhibition for the exhibition industry) at London Olympia in 2003. It was at this event that they came across a stand for Prestige Systems, the Swiss-designed modular exhibition stand system, who were looking for UK distributors.

Having worked with Prestige Systems before starting the company, Alan knew instantly this was an opportunity that just had to be seized. As Alan explains, “I always knew this was the best exhibition system in the world. We were so lucky to have been at that Olympia show and to have come across the opportunity to work with Prestige”.


Within a year, we had the honour of being the sole supplier of Prestige in the UK – and were quickly discovering new and exciting ways the system could be used to make ambitious stands. The business went from strength to strength with the new systems, and we outgrew our Wareham unit and moved into a new home at Creekmoor.

However, like many other exhibition stand companies out there today, we were still a “Jack of all Trades” during this time, working with other generic exhibition stand solutions, as well as the Prestige system.  Things might well have continued this way, and that could easily have been the end to our story, were it not for a blessing in disguise that came about in the form of the 2008 global recession, which turned everything on its head . . .

The Defining Decision  

Often the bad things that happen to us, can put us on the path to the best things that will ever happen to us. That was exactly what the 2008 recession did for our company. Many companies were forced to rethink their business model and strategies to survive these turbulent years, and Quadrant2design were no exception.

In response to the new economic climate, the company made a number of fundamental changes that would redesign the business forever. The first was renaming the business, in 2011, from Exhibit-UK.Net to Quadrant2Design – which was a name more suited to the company’s shift in focus from exhibition build to exhibition design.


However, the most important change of all was the “defining decision”, in 2011, to ditch all the other generic exhibition stand systems and focus solely on using Prestige.

Unlike other exhibitions stand systems, which were either heavy and structural or too light-weight to count as a high-quality – and limited in terms of design functions –  Prestige was the one solution that was light and easy to build while being structurally strong and creative. As the UK’s sole supplier, our company knew they were on to a winner by only focusing on using Prestige. This gave us an edge on our competition, and the company also renamed the system to Prestige Event System.

Other exhibition companies lack focus, offering a variety of conflicting systems and solutions. We have just one solution – which, as it happens, is the best in the world!”

Alan Jenkins, Managing Director, Quadrant2Design.

By the time the company moved to its current location of The Fulcrum, Vantage Way, Poole in 2014, business had increased by a whopping 58%! For Quadrant2 Design, the unexpected consequence of the great recession was that business boomed – and has continued to do so to this day.

Thank You

As we look back on our growth, accomplishments and our valued relationships with clients, we would like to thank everyone who has been involved with helping Qudrant2Design in reaching 20 years of success. Success that has only been possible because of our dedicated team who go that extra mile to make sure our client’s exhibition needs are met to the highest standard.

We want to say a special thank you to all the clients who we have worked with over the last 20 years, and those we continue to work with today. None of this would have been possible without you.

See you for our silver anniversary in 5 years’ time!

Author Bio | Austin Rowlands

Austin Rowlands is a content writer for Quadrant2Design, with extensive experience in the exhibition and events industry. He uses this industry knowledge to write feature articles and guides to help businesses, across all industries, with all their exhibition needs.


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Written by Alan Jenkins