Should you Buy or Rent your Exhibition Stand?

Compared to other exhibition stand contractors, we at Quadrant2Design, generally find our customers prefer to rent their exhibition stands, rather than buy.

This is because our Free2hire™ plan removes most of the negatives of hiring, while providing a fully-managed stress-free experience.

However for a number of clients, purchasing their exhibition stand makes perfect sense, and around 20% of Quadrant2Design’s client’s still take this path.

If a Quadrant2Design client prefers to purchase, they use our Buy2self-build™ plan. This plan gives you the advantages of buying and owning your exhibition stand, while providing a full support package that includes one-to-one training and online training animations.

Usually the decision to go down the purchasing route depends on the nature of your company, the type of people you are (office types or hands-on!) and the particular circumstances and nature of your exhibiting.

So what are the pro’s and cons of buying or renting your exhibition stand?

Why Buy your Exhibition Stand?

Advantages of Buying

  • Flexibility – if your exhibit at a lot of smaller shows, you can react quickly to opportunities at new or different events
  • Freedom – you have the ultimate freedom to exhibit any place, any time or anywhere, without the involvment of exhibition stand contractors
  • Cost – of course if you own your exhibition stand and self-build, you are not using an exhibition stand contractor, and your costs can be dramatically reduced over an exhibiting programme
  • More events, less cost per event – buying your exhibition stand make far more sense if you do a lot of shows and events, and you’re comfortable with self-managing and self-building your stands

Disadvantages of Buying

  • You’re invested into one exhibition stand solution, which may restrict your ability to use other (maybe more suitable) solutions
  • You have money tied up in exhibition hardware, that could be better spent elswhere
  • You need to find space at your premises to store your exhibition stand and graphics
  • You will need to self-manage your exhibition stand projects and deal with the Organiser’s and Venue’s administration
  • You may consider the amount of time, energy and space required to self-manage your stands, is not a good return on investment
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Why Rent your Exhibition Stand?

Advantages of Renting

  • Financial Flexibility – with no money tied up in exhibition stand hardware you retain your option to change your exhibiting solution for future events
  • As long as you’re using a premium company like Quadrant2Design, and not a cheap ‘display-type’ supplier, your exhibition stand should be of the same custom-designed standard as a purchased stand
  • Again, if you’re using a reputable design and build company like Quadrant2Design and a few others, you will benefit from their project management service
  • You have a more stress free experience, with no installation or administrative concerns
  • Renting from a reputable contractor can often be considered more sustainable than purchasing

Disadvantages of Renting

  • Very few if you’re using the Free2hire plan!
  • Can be more expensive over time, particularly if you do lots of exhibiting
  • Be concerned about and investigate the quality of the exhibition stand hardware. If you’re using a reputable ‘premium-quality’ exhibition stand contractor they will supply you a stand that looks and feels brand new.
  • Beware of hiring anything from a ‘Display’ type company, as the hardware will often be beaten-up, scratched and clearly ‘used’
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