You’re a first-time exhibitor – Choosing to exhibit is a big decision for any company to make. If you’re going to one event to ‘test’ whether or not exhibiting is for you, then it’s best to rent first time.

Project managed – From start to finish, your allocated Project Manager will organise everything for you, so you don’t have to. This option is perfect for exhibitors or small companies who aren’t really sure what they’re doing yet.

Installed and dismantled for you – If you’re worried about installing the stand yourself, renting will give you you peace of mind knowing that your stand will be installed professionally and to a high standard, ready for when you arrive.

One-off event – If your company only attends one trade show a year, then renting will be more cost-effective. Buying is a more expensive option which is most suited to companies who attend trade shows regularly.

Exhibiting at more than one show at the same time – You may have already purchased your own stand, but if there are two events going on on the same day that you want to participate in, it’ll be wise and much cheaper to rent the second stand.


Exhibiting more than once – Once you’ve made a clear event strategy and know you’re going to be a regular attendee of trade shows, it’s time to start thinking of buying rather than renting.

Freedom to exhibit – Once you own your stand, you’ll have the freedom to exhibit when you want without worrying about organising and the cost of stand-installers.

Easy to install and transport – When you purchase an exhibition stand from Quadrant2Design, we give you a free training session in how to easily assemble your kit, giving you the confidence to self-install at all your future events. Plus, all our stands are compact when stored, and easily fit into a car or small van, so you don’t need to rent a big transit van to get your stand to the show.

One-off price – It may be more expensive up front than renting, but once you’ve paid it, that’s it; the stand and system is yours, to use as many times as you wish. This cost of buying compared to renting will easily be covered once you’ve attended 2 or 3 shows; any more and you’ll be saving yourself money.

Reconfigurable – Our Prestige System is a perfect long-term investment, as it is able to be reconfigured to fit a variety of different stand spaces, ideal for attending multiple shows where the allotted stand space could be different each time.

There’s no question about it, an exhibition stand is a big investment, so make sure you sit down and consider all the pro’s and con’s to find the most cost-effective option for you. If you need help making your decision, feel free to discuss your options with our Sales team on 01202 650333.