At Quadrant2Design, we design and build exhibition stands, in our exclusive Prestige Events System.

We offer exhibition stands on a purchase or hire basis.

Most exhibitors who wish to purchase their exhibition stands, do so, in the belief that it’s more cost-effective than hiring a stand.

Also, they probably also want to self-build, without the involvement of an exhibition stand contractor.

Let’s examine the benefits, and potential drawbacks, of buying your exhibition stand.

What are the Benefits?

Full ownership of your exhibition stand, can allow you to exhibit more often, without incurring costs from an exhibition contractor.

And the Drawbacks..?

Because you’ve invested in an exhibition stand, you may feel forced into using it, maybe past the point that it suits your needs.

And you need to consider, have you the time and staff, to store, transport, and manage your exhibition stands.

An exhibition stand buy for London show.

Talk through the options

At Quadrant2Design 80% of our exhibitors use our free-hire plan, and 20% purchase their exhibits.

We want you to make the right decision for your company; the decision that suits your circumstances, and your objectives.

If you want to discuss the options, let’s have a chat… so please get in touch.

An exhibition stand purchased by Virgin Active.