When is buying and self-building your exhibition stand the right solution?

Around 80% of Quadrant2Design’s exhibitors use our unique Free2hire™ rental solution 

For many exhibitors this combination of free-hire and professional installation, makes redundant the idea of buying an exhibition stand.

However some of our clients truly desire the total freedom that comes with buying their exhibition stand and self-building.

And for those exhibitors who prefer to buy their exhibition stands, we have the perfect solution – take a look at our amazing Buy2self-build plan

Our Prestige exhibition stands make buying and self-building as easy as it’s ever going to be.

Our Buy & Self-Build Stands are lightweight and compact for storage and transport and easy to build.

When you buy a Prestige exhibition stand, you buy into a solution that allows the self-building of genuinely custom-designed exhibition stands. You also buy into the Quadrant2Design family, which comes with all the free advice, training and support you need to successfully self-build your exhibition stand.

Exhibition Stands – Free Design Proposal

We offer a free design proposal (personalised with your branding and imagery) that allows you to know exactly how your exhibition stand will look, when purchased, designed and built by Quadrant2Design.

To get your free designs, call 01202 723 500, or email designteam@quadrant2design.com 

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