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Purchasing your exhibition stand and self building can give you the freedom to exhibit more frequently and for less cost

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Is buying and self-building your exhibition stand the right solution?

Around 80% of Quadrant2Design’s exhibitors use our unique hire service, the Free2hire™ rental solution 

For many exhibitors, this combination of free-hire and professional installation makes redundant the idea of buying an exhibition stand.

However, some of our clients truly desire the total freedom that comes with buying their exhibition stand and self-building.

And for those exhibitors who prefer to buy exhibition stands, we have the perfect solution in our exclusive Swiss-designed Prestige Events System.

Why buy your stand?

Before buying an exhibition stand, you need to consider if it suits your exhibiting style and your resources, in terms of your time and personnel.

So while ownership of your stand can offers some real advantages, in terms of freedom and cost-savings, you will need to make sure it’s the right solution for you.

Some questions to consider:

  • Do you have people with at least some basic level of handy-man type skills, available to build the stand you have purchased?
  • Do you have a good administrator who can deal with the paperwork generated by the Show Organisers?
  • Do you have, or can you hire, adequate transport?
  • Do you have space for storage of the exhibition stand between shows?
  • Can you devote the time required to project manage individual exhibition stands?
  • Can you personally afford the time to organise, and take part in, the exhibition stand build?

The Prestige Events System

The Prestige System is our exclusive, Swiss-designed, stand building solution.

For exhibitors who wish to purchase and build their own stands, it’s the ‘premier’ solution, having numbers of advantages over other ‘buy and self-build’ solutions.

So confident are we, in the abilities of our Prestige Events System, that we have an ongoing challenge to our competitors – see £1000 Charity Challenge movie

  • Prestige allows you to build proper, fully-featured exhibition stands that are bespoke creations.
  • Prestige stands are very quick and easy to build, plus we provide free one-to-one training and on-going support.
  • Prestige can be built by anyone with some basic handyman skills, without tools or special knowledge.
  • Stands are modular and scalable, allowing you to easily reuse your stand in different stand space, at future shows. We help you to easily reconfigure with our Lifetime Free Design
  • Prestige exhibition stands are lightweight and compact for transport and storage.

Stand design by Quadrant2Design for UltraLube
hire of beautiful jewellery exhibition stand at Olympia
Green exhibition stand with lots of showcases

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Before you purchase an exhibition stand from anyone, you should get to know them, understand their capability and resources, and the quality of their work.


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