BMT Group - Why they returned, year after year

Now just to clarify, I’m not implying that BMT Group or it’s staff are birds, in any way. Just that their returning business isn’t just seen as facts and figures to us, but as a valued relationship and as reassurance to the top-quality service we provide.

“So when did BMT Group first come to you?” I hear you all ask. Well…


The History

In 2008, BMT Group bought one our Prestige Combo setups for use at an exhibition. One of our smaller Prestige solutions, the Combo setup featured an integrated showcase, a monitor stand, and a counter. When they purchased the system, one of our installers delivered it to their Teddington Offices and combined this with a free training session in how to set up the kit, so they had the flexibility to easily assemble the kits themselves if they wanted (or one of our men could go install it for them if for any reason they couldn’t).

This option worked great. They attended show after show with ease, dressing it with new graphics as time went on to get fresh, new looks.

But BMT Group are a leading global marine engineering consultancy. The small Prestige Combo had worked brilliantly for them in the past, but now it was time to really make an impact; to go big.  So in 2012, we got a phonecall, and BMT requested a design proposal for one of our ‘Supersized’ Prestige stands.


‘Supersize’ me

It was the job of Carolina Perez-Leon, 3D CAD Designer, to come up with a cool and current design for a stand that would not just grab, but keep their attention.


Having studied Interior Architecture at University, Carolina drew upon her own knowledge to create an aesthetically pleasing structure, drawing away from the rigidity of straight walls so often seen in Exhibition Stands. Instead, she played with curves and waves, keeping in tune with the BMT logo and ‘marine’ theme, ensuring a constant fluidity ran throughout. She kept their corporate ‘teal’ colour in a minimalistic design on the left, whilst offering a softer, more relaxed look with original vector artwork on the right . Her design even saw a new development from Quadrant2Design -the semi-private meeting room.

Oceanology 2012


BMT’s ‘Supresized’ stand at Oceanology in 2012 went down a storm. They kept the original shape and design from Carolina’s proposal, but opted for all the panels to be in their corporate ‘teal’ colour (so they had the ability to be ‘mixed and matched’ for future configurations).

It was great for Carolina to see that her gut instinct as a designer to think ‘outside the box’ and create a stand that disobeyed the rules of rigidity and inject some personality was appreciated and welcomed, especially from such a large company. And what’smore rewarding,  is that this very picture is featured on the BMT Group’s home webpage – so Carolina’s work is being seen by hundreds of people a month,worldwide. You can’t ask for better recognition than that, can you?

Use and Re-Use

Now, BMT has many subsectors of it’s company, many of which also exhibit at different events. Therefore, they contacted us again in 2012 for advice on how best to re-use their purchased system for all these different sectors, and so Carolina sent them 5 different stand configurations.

The configuration below was one of the 5 received from Carolina, and they liked the design so much that we managed and installed it for them at the Seaworks Exhibition in 2012.


And you know, this may sound cheesy, but it’s true; having a returning customer, and not just a returning one but a satisfied one… it makes it all worthwhile. It’s much more than getting a ‘thank-you’, it’s like getting a virtual pat-on-the-back, and we’d like to personally thank BMT for returning to us year after year. Here’s to many more years to come.