Italian manufacturers Biesse create impact at W14 Show

Quadrant2Design recently designed and produced the largest single exhibition stand project in the company’s fifteen year history!

Using their Prestige Events System, Quadrant2Design helped to install a 370msq stand for Italian customer Biesse’s UK division at the W14 show at the NEC, Birmingham, in October.

A 37x10m stand space can be problematic for an exhibitor. Competition for visitors’ attention in Exhibition Halls is fierce, and Biesse’s plan to exhibit a number of their largest industrial machines presented something of a challenge. Exhibition stands displaying a large amount of machinery can look fragmented and sterile, so the challenge for Quadrant2Design was to create a stand that brought clarity, structure, and branding to the machinery; some joined-up exhibiting was required!

At 370msq, Biesse’s stand dominated the W14 show. It’s the largest stand we’ve ever built, and it will take some beating!

The result was a backdrop-style stand (imagine the frame rather than the picture), that used minimal text ‘white-space’ graphics and digital presentations to allow Biesse’s hardware to speak for itself, focussing attention on the machinery and what it does.

The white-space graphics were used to bring sense of uniformity to the stand, while the digital presentations conveyed technical information about the machinery without complicating the stand space, graphics, or leaving it looking disjointed.

We used white-space graphics to bring uniformity and simplicity to a very busy stand space

Alan Jenkins, MD of Quadrant2Design, said, “By having a Prestige stand to complement their machine displays, Biesse were able to showcase their products within a branded and coherent environment. It was our job to make sure such a huge stand made sense to visitors.”

And that it did! The stand was a huge success for Biesse. Chris Arend, the UK representative of Biesse said, “The stand looked a million dollars. Our Italian colleagues all commented on how fantastic it looked and now we can’t wait to see it in our Tech Centre.”

Biesse’s Tech Centre is at their UK Headquarters in Daventry. By using the stand in the Tech Centre, Biesse will continue to benefit from displaying their machinery within an informative and structured environment like they did at W14.


The stand will find a permanent home in Biesse’s headquarters in Daventry, but parts of it will be used for future events.

And because the Prestige Events System is a modular solution that is also easy to transport, Biesse can utilise sections of the stand at their headquarters while using other sections of it at live marketing events. In essence, the stand can be in two places at once.

Biesse have already done this, by using part of their stand to exhibit at the Composite Engineering show at the NEC this November. And they can continually reformat the stand for a range of events such as training programmes, product launches, and further exhibitions in the knowledge that the entire stand can then be re-installed at their Tech Centre afterwards.

Alan Jenkins said, “There can be a perception that modular stand solutions are somehow second-class to custom stands because they are less expensive, but the build quality and visual result demonstrated by the Prestige System on this project has proved this is simply not the case.

“Using a modular, scalable system like Prestige brings a whole range of advantages that a custom-built stand can never match. I’m confident Biesse are happy with their investment, and that the functionality and looks of Prestige will bring them a lot of success at their events for years to come.”

Quadrant2Design have a fifteen-year track-record of delivering a wide variety of modular exhibition stands to a range of clients. If you have an exhibition coming up or would simply like to know more about the Prestige Events System, please visit their website and price guideline page, or email