We recently had our bi-monthly catch-up at Quadrant2Design, where some of the team from different departments discussed the latest 2024 exhibition industry trends.

The exhibition industry constantly evolves to improve visitor experience, so it’s crucial to stay updated. That’s why Quadrant2Design holds a design and innovation catch-up, to discuss design trends, features, upcoming exhibitions, and industry developments. Keep reading for our mid-year insights!

Exhibition Industry Trends and Developments

Communicating Sustainability

2024 has brought a growing focus on reducing the environmental impact of exhibition stands.

Many brands include sustainability in their values and ethos, so a sustainable stand is necessary for consistency. An unsustainable stand could make these claims appear disingenuous.

Additionally, show organisers are placing limitations on the use of traditional custom-builds to combat the industry’s waste and to limit harmful dust and fumes during builds.

Lastly, modular solutions, like those provided by Quadrant2Design are always innovating and can offer highly customisable design features that meet the flexibility of custom builds. Since these modular solutions are not limited by design, they are becoming increasingly popular among exhibitors.

Vibrant, eye-catching stand by Quadrant2Design for Kanegrade at the UK Food & Drink Shows

Integrating Movement 

Movement on exhibition stands has to be the most popular feature of 2024. You only need to watch a few of our show videos to know that our clients adore the backlit rotating header!

This feature, piques interest and makes exhibition stands more dynamic and eye-catching. Not to mention, they allow the brand logo to be visible from all angles in the exhibition hall.

Using Lighting Features

The next trend of this year is in the use of lighting. Lighting is an excellent feature for capturing attention and it’s very versatile. Our clients utilise lighting within the showcases to draw attention to products. Additionally, clients have enjoyed backlit graphics. The unique and eye-catching features illuminate star products within the stand graphics!

Quadrant2Design design and build vibrant stand for Actiph Water at IFE 2024

Use Built-In Showcases to Display Products

There is no better way to display products than within your stand. 2024 has seen the end of additional shelving. They clutter stands and distract from key marketing messages!

Injecting Fun into Your Stand Using High-Impact Photo-Floors

What better way is there to define your stand space and attract guests than extending your large format graphics to the floor? Photo-floors have been in high demand this year with many clients investing in the high-impact feature!

Spring Fair 2024 has been an excellent demonstration of how flexible our custom-modular stands are in terms of design and display.

Integrate Technology

Lastly, 2024 is the year for technology. Our clients have been maximising their return on investment by using monitors and tablets to aid in demonstrations and to offer further information on products. Technology can help retain customers as they make stands more interactive. Like the rotating header, product videos on monitors can also add some movement to exhibition stands!


So far, this year we have seen the greatest shifts in sustainability, use of lighting, and integrating movement. We are always excited to discuss industry developments, and we hope you enjoyed our insights!

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