So what are these 5 reasons Alan talks about in the video?

  • Firstly, at Quadrant2Design we have developed a competency across all key services involved in the production of exhibition stands. These areas include 3D exhibition stand designs, graphic design, the production of exhibition stand graphics, stand manufacture, project management and UK and Worldwide installations. The video explains how other suppliers commonly operate and why their business model is flawed.
  • Secondly, we pre-build all exhibition stands we create for our clients. Because other exhibition stands contractors don’t pre-build, they can never be sure that the stand is perfect for the client – but we can.
  • Thirdly, we’re the only company that supplies exhibition stands on a free-hire basis. This plan, which is integral to Quadrant2Design’s business model, reduces costs for our clients and provides flexibility as well as other environmental benefits.
  • The 4th reason is that we have all key services involved in the production of exhibition stand in-house and under one roof. Alan explain the enormous implications this has regarding the safe and reliable management of your exhibition stands project.
  • And lastly, Alan talks about our exclusive Prestige Events System, which we use for our customers unique exhibition stands. In particular, Alan talks of the ‘invisibility’ of Prestige, and how unlike other solutions, there are no visible poles or beams breaking up the customers branding and marketing message.

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