Quadrant2Design’s Maggie and Katie were on the road again last week, checking in with our customers exhibiting at Professional Beauty London.

We had a number of customers exhibiting at the show, including GiGi Laboratories and Phorest Salon Software. Both companies had fantastic things to say about their Quadrant2Design modular-bespoke exhibition stands. Lana Quigley, Managing Director of Prima Ultima, partner of GiGi Laboratories, told Maggie

“Having arrived here and seen [the stand] in real life it was wow, absolute wow, and that’s the only word I would possibly use, ineffable! I looked at it and it’s just the dream becoming true.”

Lana also said that many visitors agreed with her sentiments of “wow”. She told Maggie

“Wow”, that was the comment. A few clients of mine came today to visit, and yesterday, and everybody went wow!”

Phorest Salon Software’s Ronan Mooney had similar feelings about their stand. He said

“Previously, we always found that we didn’t utilize the space well enough, so now we’ve got four pillars so we can have conversations at different pillars which is fantastic and the open space is great, so it means if we have conversations with salon owners we can go to different spaces, we have a private room on the side as well and I think aesthetically it looks fantastic.

So it’s definitely one of the best ones we’ve ever had. We’ve had stands with different companies but it was basically an open space with just a couch at the back, but now with this we’ve just utilized the space really really well so you’ll see on the TV screens it constantly shows Phorest branding and you’ll see we’ve got some pop-ups but then we use the stands really really well to actually have conversations.”

Alongside the physical stand that Quadrant2Design designed and installed, Lana was also extremely complimentary about the service that she received. She told Maggie

“It was the most painless experience I have had so far, having exhibited a number of times at different exhibitions. Quadrant2Design have assisted greatly, they could not do enough for you in terms of support, in terms of the quality of the stand… So I loved the experience of working with Quadrant.

I loved the whole process and how easy and seamless it was working with our manager Lauryn who couldn’t do enough for you quite frankly, to James who would do a lot for us for the creative side of it as well as and probably starting with Wiebke who presented all that, so I loved it.”

GiGi Laboratories Exhibition Stand for Professional Beauty 2024 Quadrant2Design

Stand Demonstrations

A common theme amongst exhibitors at Professional Beauty London was the need to demonstrate products and services.

For GiGi Laboratories this included demonstrating their salon treatments and products, which required an abundance of integrated product showcases and a stand layout specifically designed around treatment tables and machines.

For Phorest Salon Software, with a digital offering, demonstrations took place primarily through computer screens integrated into the stand’s free-standing branded counters.

Ronan explained the company’s service offering

“So Phorest is like a CRM system for salons. So basically we do everything for a salon owner in terms of the reports, we build them online bookings, we build them an app, we manage their online reputation, we give them access to send email campaigns and we do a lot of things new things around social media as well so we give salons the ability to market themselves on social media.”

Quadrant2Design can integrate computer screens and tablets into freestanding counters, as well as integrating TV screens into the stand walls.

Our newest digital feature, the LED video wall, provides a seamless exhibition stand graphic and is perfect for the ultimate attention-grabbing stand demonstration.

The Quadrant2Design LED Video Wall

LED Video Wall Exhibition Stand Feature Quadrant2Design

The Quadrant2Design LED Video Wall

Favourite Exhibition Stand Features?

There are so many elements to Quadrant2Design’s exhibition stands that it’s difficult to pinpoint the most popular. We asked our clients at the event what their favourite element of their stand was.

The Quadrant2Design Event Website is an extremely popular feature of Quadrant2Design’s offering and was also a big part of why Lana recommended working with us. This fantastic hybrid exhibiting tool takes a 2-3 day event and transforms it into a 10-week marketing campaign. Lana told us

“One of the reasons why I have decided and I have recommended GiGi to go with Quadrant2Design was for [the event website] because building the website is not my strongest point. So when I saw the beautiful designs that Wiebke was offering us straight away that was a no-brainer for me and all we had to do is submit the artwork, and that was it, the rest was done.”

Phorest Salon Software Exhibition stand professional beauty 2024 Quadrant2Design

When asked about his most and least favourite parts of the stand Phorest Salon Software’s Ronan Mooney told us

“This is the part I love most, so like the Phorest branding it really does showcase the branding well but for people that don’t know, for every client that we bring on to Phorest we actually plant a tree as well, so we have a Phorest forest.

I like the header part of it as well because it actually stands out, so when people are walking by they can see it and that’s my favourite.

Least favourite? I probably don’t have a least favourite to be honest.”

The reusability and reconfigurability of Quadrant2Design’s exhibition stands was also an important feature for Ronan, as it allows Phorest to reuse the stand across their entire events calendar, from the large industry events to smaller conferences and networking events. Ronan told us

“It’s amazing, so like this stand you see now we can use for big trade show, so we use it mainly for professional beauty or we use it for Salon International but we also can take parts of the stand which are amazing as well. So we do smaller events with some brands and we can take maybe just a backdrop or we can take one of the podiums. So being able to use it modularly and take different parts of it has been really really good, really really good. It means we can adapt to the needs of what the event is, rather than just having the same standard stand really.”

The Quadrant2Design team had a fantastic time at Professional Beauty London and it was amazing hearing our customers share their experiences with the event and with their exhibition stands.

Once again Quadrant2Design’s modular, reusable exhibition stand system and award-winning Design Consultants met the briefs to perfection and delivered functional but beautiful exhibition stands where it really matters.

If you’re planning your next exhibition and are in need of a beautifully designed, professional exhibition stand, contact Quadrant2Design on 01202 723 500 or email design@quadrant2design.com for your free no-obligation design proposal.