Bank of England ‘New Fiver’ Event at Blenheim Palace

‘New Fiver’ Event at Blenheim Palace

Over the years we’ve become familiar with ‘big-name’ clients, treating them to the same high standard as the hundreds of SME type clients we design and build event stands for every year.

In fact, we have no need to single anyone out for ‘special attention’ because our quality control and pre-build process delivers results that are ‘above client expectations’ on every occasion.

But I must admit to a frisson of excitement when I learnt that we were in the running for the Bank of England New Fiver launch!

Initially, the BOE’s design team reached out to five or six different event designers.

This was soon narrowed down to ourselves and two competitors for the design proposal stage.

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Why we won the job

  • We responded quickly, with detailed CAD design, and made sure our proposals would work ‘on the ground’ at the Blenheim Palace venue
  • BOE understood that our Prestige Event System could be built and dismantled quickly, with minimal disturbance to the Blenheim Palace environment
  • With the BOE designers driving the graphic design, we showed the determination to follow the ‘twists and turns’ matching our structural CAD design with the graphic design – ensuring BOE got want they wanted!
  • BOE understood the huge importance of our 100% pre-build policy to the guaranteed success of the event
  • BOE’s design team knew that they could visit the pre-build and inspect the entire job – weeks before the ‘real build’ at Blenheim Palace
  • The sustainability and safety aspects of the Prestige Events System, complement the values of our country’s most important financial institution
  • And of course, we’re guessing that we must also have impressed with our design visuals!
Bank of England 'New Fiver' Event 7

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Written by James Avey