• Best small stand for HB Ingredients

    Best Small Stand Award

    Company News

    HB Ingredients win best small stand with a cool custom modular And the award goes to… Our customers know our stands are great but it’s

  • Free Exhibition Stand Design Forever

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    A Design For Life Whether your exhibiting objectives are to generate new sales, raise brand awareness, or showcase your products, there is one ultimate goal

  • Twenty Years Quadrant2Design

    Celebrating 20 Years in Business in 2020


    Two Decades of Creating Amazing Exhibition Stands Wow! 20 years of Quadrant2Design. 2020 is the year we celebrate our 20th year in business – our “china”

  • Setting up the Bank of England stand taking our health and safety premises

    Stop the Drop in the Exhibition Industry

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    Taking Our Health and Safety to New Heights Did you know that dropped objects from heights is now the third biggest killer in the workplace

  • Advancing Exhibition Stand Design Stands design of the year

    Advancing in Exhibition Stand Design

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    Stand Designs of the Year Quadrant2Design has come very far in our stand design and company development over the years. It is great to look

  • To do list, exhibiting tips

    Trade Show Hints and Tips for Successful Exhibiting

    Exhibiting Guides

    Below are key exhibiting tips and advice we’ve accumulated over the years. All to help you make the most out of your exhibition stand. The

  • Sustainable Exhibiting Options

    Sustainable Exhibiting Options

    Case studies

    New client Netcall PLC have a busy year ahead with an impressive seven events booked in. Following on from their recent rebrand, they needed a

  • Packaging innovation Quadrant2Design

    Eco-Friendly Stands – Packaging Innovations 2020

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    Environmental changes and developments Recent environmental reports suggests more needs to be done to protect our planet. Therefore, we are excited to see packaging industry

  • Trade Business Stand for Kuflink Company with new design features

    New Design Features for Modular Stands

    Feature Articles

    Moving Forward with More Modular Features Many modular suppliers will often tell you that they’re unable to fulfil custom components to their stands. If that