If you are planning for your next exhibition, conference or trade show you may be wondering whether to buy or rent your stand. In this article, we discuss the pros and cons of exhibition stand rental so you can decide if it’s right for your business.

Advantages of renting

The advantages of  exhibition stand rental include

  • Financial Flexibility – with no money tied up in exhibition stand hardware you have the ability to change your stand for future events.
  • Lower up-front costs – with our free hire plan, you pay nothing for the stand hire (you only pay for graphics and installation).
  • As long as you’re using a premium company like Quadrant2Design, and not a cheap ‘display-type’ supplier, your exhibition stand should be of the same custom-designed standard as a purchased stand
  • You will have access to a Project Manager to oversee the whole process for you.
  • You have a more stress-free experience, with no installation or administrative concerns.
  • No need to store the stand in between shows.
  • Renting from a reputable contractor can often be considered more sustainable than purchasing.  The stands have a lifetime of 15 years so are used multiple times.

Disadvantages of renting

The disadvantages of exhibition stand rental include

  • Very few if you’re using our free hire plan!
  • If you intend to exhibit at a lot of shows it can be more expensive to hire.
  • Be concerned about and investigate the quality of the exhibition stand hardware. If you’re using a reputable ‘premium-quality’ exhibition stand contractor they will supply you a stand that looks and feels brand new.
  • Beware of hiring anything from a ‘Display’ type company, as the hardware will often be beaten up, scratched and clearly ‘used’.

By knowing the advantage and disadvantages you can decide if renting your exhibition stand is the right strategy for your business. On the flip-side its also important you know the pros and cond of buying your stand, as this would be your other option.

Still not sure if renting an exhibition stand is right for your business? For more information contact our team on 01202 723 500 or email design@quadrant2design.com.

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