Actiph Water’s Barnaby Hughes and Racheal Hillier Williams are the latest Quadrant2Design customers to join us in our pre-build facility, having the chance to see their bespoke modular exhibition stand in real life for the first time, before exhibiting at IFE 2024 later this month.

Who are Actiph Water?

Actiph is a healthy drinks brand inspired by founder Jamie Douglas-Hamilton’s treacherous journey across the Indian Ocean in 2014, and the resulting discovery of the most effective hydration solutions.

Starting out as Actiph Water, today Actiph encompasses three separate drinks brands. Barnaby Hughes took us through the company’s products

“We have three healthy functional drinks brands. We have Actiph Water, our original, Acti-Vit our sparkling vitamin water and then Acti+, our natural clean energy drink. Everything we do is about helping our consumers lead healthier lives through our hydration products and through innovative functional products.”

Find out more about Actiph Water

Actiph have a busy event calendar planned for this year, attending IFE in the London ExCel later this month, as well as the National Convenience Show in the Birmingham NEC in May and Lunch! back in the ExCel in September!

Seeing Actiph’s bespoke modular exhibition stand in real life for the first time, we asked Barnaby what he thought of the stand as well as working with Quadrant2Design. He told us

“It’s been great, it’s been amazing to see it, it’s the first time we’ve done anything like it. It’s a real step up for us as a business so we had a lot of expectations and a lot that we were hoping to get out of this experience and fortunately it’s been everything we hoped it would be. The stand itself looks amazing!”

Quadrant2Design’s Exhibition Stand Pre-Build Guarantee

Quadrant2Design 100% Pre-Build Guarantee

Quadrant2Design pre-builds every single one of the exhibition stands we create and our customers are always invited to attend these pre-builds.

Attending their pre-build allows customers to see their stand in real life before their show, make sure everything is as it should be and test out the stand’s unique features. Actiph Water’s Barnaby also told us

“As any designer will tell you, it’s obviously one thing seeing it on the screen and imagining it, very very different in large-scale print like this. So being able to actually see how the colours have come out, how the gradients have come out, how the graphics have come out has been so valuable seeing that in person, you just can’t replace that.

It’s already given us some great ideas for what we might look to do in the future and how we might look to evolve the stand going forward, so yeah, really, really useful experience!”

Some of our recent pre-build visits have included Harrier Trail RunningCheatwell Games, Modulus and Optinet, as well as pre-build stand installation training for Strolll and ICRTouch.

Exhibiting Multiple Brands

Actiph water exhibition stand Quadrant2Design

A big challenge that Actiph faces when exhibiting is promoting their three distinct brands and products on a single exhibition stand space. Barnaby said

“One of the unique challenges we have as a business is we have three very distinct brands and we’ve always struggled before we had a custom-built piece like this, we always struggle to separate them but also keep them all tied together in coherence and so we’re really really happy with how the colours have come out and the general layout that you guys have come up with to house each brand individually, but keep them as one cohesive stand.

It’s really amazing and something that we hadn’t been able to do previously on our own.”

Effectively promoting multiple brands on a single exhibition stand space requires a precise balancing act to ensure that each brand or product is allowed an opportunity to shine without stealing focus from another. Messages must be unique while maintaining cohesion and consistency across the entire stand.

Fortunately, Quadrant2Design has a wealth of experience doing just this!

We know all of the techniques for effectively promoting multiple brands on a single exhibition stand, whether it’s sister companies exhibiting together or a single business promoting multiple branded products and services.


Sustainable Exhibition Stands

For many businesses, like Actiph, sustainability plays an important role in their business practices and having an exhibition stand partner that shares those values is vital! Barnaby shared his thoughts on sustainability within the exhibition industry.

“Having done a lot of these shows in the past you see some of these vast custom-built stands that are put up and it’s quite alarming, at the end of the show, to see it all just getting torn down and thrown in the skip and there’s no real consideration for making it a sustainable process.

So it was really important for us to have something that could go from space to space and stand to stand and show to show. Not only from a sustainability perspective but also for cost for a brand of our size. Obviously, it makes it much more efficient for us to take this to each location rather than scrapping it, binning it, wasting it and then starting all over again.”

The unique reusability of Quadrant2Design’s modular, reconfigurable Prestige Events System makes our stands an extremely sustainable exhibiting solution; which is fantastic news for eco-conscious businesses like Actiph.

We’d like to thank Barnaby and Racheal for visiting us and hope you have a fantastic time at all of your upcoming events!

For more details on Quadrant2Design’s pre-build guarantee, the sustainability of our exhibition stands or for a free, no-obligation design proposal, contact our team today on 01202 723 500 or email