What drives us?

We want to be the best, not the biggest. The irony is that by aiming for the best, we’ve become pretty big!

Part of the process to becoming the best, has been shedding inferior building solutions, and focussing on one premier solution, the Prestige Events System.

We’ve also worked hard over 23-years, to embed into our company, a set of rigorous processes and quality control procedures, that guarantee a successful outcome on every exhibition project.

Our quality processes culminate in a 100% factory pre-build, where exhibition stands are tested and quality-checked, well before the installation at the tradeshow.

Our business model and value-offer, is centred on reusability – enabling exhibitors to ‘re-design’ and reconfigure their exhibition stand, to fit different stand-space, at different shows.


Quadrant2Design is the trading name of Exhibit-UK.Net Ltd. Registration is 3993526.

Our registered office is the same as our trading address, H3 The Fulcrum, Vantage Way, Poole, BH12 4NU. We are 23 years of age and growing.

The business was founded by Alan and Elizabeth Jenkins, and Andrew Carney. The company remains independant, with these three people being the principles.

We have a staff of around 47 people; designers, project managers, print production staff, manufacturing people and stand fitters, as well as managers and directors.

UK stand designers pre-building display booth

Culture and Values

An exhibition company is not a nice place to work when things go wrong!

So everything we do at Quadrant2Design, every process, every procedure, every sign-off, is designed to prevent problems (especially on-site problems).

New customers and new staff often express surprise at the lengths we go to, to drive down into the detail of projects and eliminate any potential issue.

Our Project Managers perfectly represent our culture and values. They guide you through the process, taking the burden of show-administration from your shoulders, while organising the production and installation of your exhibition stand. You’ll get to know them well!

Kajal and Emma discussing exhibition stand