So you’ve booked the exhibition and sorted out your exhibition stand, now it’s time to consider what exhibition furniture you need to fill it. To go with your exhibition stand you will need a certain amount of exhibition stand furniture for visitors and staff to sit down, a way to display products and literature and an area to store personal items away.

You can hire exhibition furniture from the show organiser or from an external company. Or, if you plan to exhibit several times, it may be cheaper to buy your exhibition furniture. If you are transporting the furniture yourself, it needs to be portable, so you can transport it easily from show to show. Hired furniture can generally be customised with graphics that match your corporate brand, and display your logo or imagery.

The type of exhibition stand furniture you source should be based on your objective. Do you want potential customers to sit down and get comfortable? Exhibitions are long and tiring, so having somewhere for visitors to relax can be beneficial. Do you want to demonstrate a product or show a video or web presentation? Do you want your stand personnel to look and feel alert? All of these factors should lead you towards your choice of exhibition furniture.

The type and style of furniture can say a lot about your business, and choosing the right exhibition furniture can be an inexpensive way of making a statement. But it is important not to overcrowd your stand. Your exhibition stand provider should assemble your stand before a show, which will give you an idea of how much space you have to fill. Aim to fill no more than 50% of the stand with exhibition furniture to leave room for people to stand. Here we have a guide to the type of furniture that can be included with your exhibition stand build.

Types of Exhibition Stand Furniture

There is a range of different exhibition stand furniture you can choose from when attending trade shows, including:

  • Counters
  • Plinths
  • Tables and chairs
  • Showcases
  • AV stands
  • iPad holders
  • Literature displays
  • Lecterns

Exhibition Counters

Exhibition counters provide an area where you can set up your laptop and log visitor details for potential leads. They can also be used to display your company’s promotional items and business cards. Counters come in a number of shapes and sizes and can be customised with your own branding. If you are looking for an area to store your personal items, why not choose a counter with internal shelving to hide these items away?


Portable plinths can be used to display products on your stand. They come in a range of sizes, and colours, and are stable enough for heavy items. At the show’s end, they are easily packed away by removing the top and base and rolling the MDF sides up.

Tables and Chairs

Tables and chairs are also essential exhibition furniture. It is beneficial to have an area where visitors can sit down and relax. Attending an exhibition is tiring, so prospective customers will be grateful for somewhere to sit. This will also give you the opportunity to discuss your products or services with them and take their details.


Showcases are ideal for exhibitors who have valuable items they’d like to display at a trade show, exhibition or another event. Made up of a secure lower cabinet and transparent upper viewing area, showcases can also feature lockable doors, meaning they are the most secure exhibition display stand.

AV Stands

Incorporating audiovisual equipment into your exhibition stand is a good way to attract attention from visitors. You may want to showcase your products electronically or run presentations. If so, you will need a stand to accommodate a TV. These can usually be customised to match your branding.

IPad Holders

Another good way to encourage interaction with visitors is by having iPads on your stand. These can show your website, or you may want to introduce a virtual reality presentation for visitors to use.

Literature Displays

You may want somewhere to hold brochures to leave the counter clear. Literature displays will enable visitors to take your company brochure away with them for future reference.


If you intend to give talks or presentations at an exhibition, you may want to source a lectern. These will be the right height to stand at and hold papers. They also have an open back to store personal items.


Choosing the right exhibition stand furniture to complement your stand is an important part of exhibition preparation. These exhibition stand features can really help you stand out amongst the crowd at a trade show.

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