A-Consult Biogas Exhibition Stand Case Study

A-Consult Attend the AD & Biogas Expo

A-Consult is one of the leading suppliers of tank storage solutions. Since 1986, they have constructed over 8,500 tanks throughout Europe for business operating in the agricultural and water industries as well as other industrial sectors.

They have worked on projects such as Winterton Leachate Treatment Plant and Barfoot of Botley AD Facility. A-Consult’s flexible product range is perfect for dynamic developments.

To generate leads and increase brand awareness, A-Consult booked a floor space at the AD & Biogas Expo in 2018. This is the largest international event dedicated to anaerobic digestion and biogas. It takes place at the NEC in Birmingham.

A-Consult approached us in 2013, asking for an exhibition stand that they could purchase and self-install at different events. Almost ten years on, we are pleased to still be working with them.

Exhibition Stand Design Brief for AD & Biogas Event

A-Consult’s first exhibition stand brief was for a 5m X 2m shell scheme space that was open on three sides. They wanted to purchase a 5m back wall that they could easily build themselves.

Since then, they have worked with us on several exhibition stands including a 6m X 5m island space and a 6m X 5m space with three open sides. Over the years, both our business and A-Consult have grown.

We have improved our product and A-Consult have been able to take advantage of the new design features that we have developed.

A-Consult really wanted to create a lasting first impression with their exhibition stand. Their branding had to point towards the main entrance and they asked for graphic design that reflected their values.

Hiring their stand to save up to 70% on repeat exhibiting

Quadrant2Design specialise in custom modular exhibition stands and are the exclusive suppliers of the Prestige Events System. This is the only exhibiting solution that can rival custom-built stands in terms of appearance.

However, custom-modular exhibition stands are reusable and reconfigurable. They don’t end up in a skip after your show. Our stands are the most sustainable solution to exhibiting.

A-Consult had a large space at the UK AD Biogas Expo and was keen to exhibit at the show again. Reusing and reconfiguring their stand would not only be sustainable, but it would be more cost-effective in the long run.

Our Free2Hire plan helps exhibitors save up to 70% on the cost of their repeat shows. We never charge a rental fee when you hire your hardware. And we offer a lifetime free design guarantee. The package includes project management and professional installation and dismantle.

The Perfect Combination: Height, Movement and Light

At Quadrant2Design, our goal is to turn every exhibition stand into a brand activation display. With seamless graphic design and a handful of unique design feature, we ensure that your stand brings in a crowd.

A-Consult had a large island space. We designed an immersive 3D structure that encouraged interaction and a steady flow of traffic. The structure included high-level branding, integrated screens and literature showcases.

Height, movement and lighting are our favourite ways to make an impact on the trade show floor. On A-Consult’s exhibition stand, we included a rotating header featuring their logo. All it takes is a slight movement to catch someone’s eye.

The 3D archway enhanced the user experience. It created a shop-like atmosphere and encouraged interaction.

To pull the whole thing together, our graphic design team created a branded photo-floor. With their floor and a branded counter, A-Consult looked the part.

Written by Natalka Antoniuk