Avoid investing in a system unless you’re sure exhibiting is for you.

“The last thing you want to do is spend £10,000 on an exhibition system only to realise exhibiting isn’t for you,” says Andrew. Think about hiring your exhibition stand instead, it means you can try exhibiting without having to purchase a system that you might never use. Quadrant2Design’s Free-Hire option allows customers to hire the stand hardware for free. While you pay normal price for your graphics and stand installation, you can hire the ‘nuts and bolts’ of your stand for free. “Around half of our clients use our Free-Hire option which typically saves them up to 30%,” explains Andrew.

Take the load off your back by making sure you get a good project manager.

Exhibiting requires an enormous amount of planning, logistics and preparation. “You have to think about everything,” explains Wiebke. “Are the electrics organised? What organiser approval do we need before the deadline? How many people do we need to install this in time? It’s a full time job in itself.” Ensuring you have experienced, professional and multilingual project managers allows you to focus on preparing your team for the event rather than worrying about your stand.

If you want to self-build, be careful to choose a system and company that will support you.

Not all exhibition systems make self-building an easy option or even possible. If you’re buying a system and you plan to self-build at a show ask the supplier if they offer any training. “Training is absolutely crucial. We don’t want to leave our clients in the dark, which is why we invite every customer down to learn how to use the system first-hand,” says Andrew.

Less is more on an exhibition stand.

“People don’t read exhibition stands,” explains Andrew, “it’s the job of your team in front of the stand to explain what you do, not the stand.” Of course every company, show, and exhibition stand is different, some need more text whereas others can communicate what they do in a few succinct words. However, a stand can make more of an impact with strikingly simple visuals and a few words of explanation. The Prestige Events System can help with this, because its seamless-effect graphics mean your images and message aren’t interrupted.


We’ve all seen it before, the lacklustre indifference to customers, the sales team with arms folded daring anyone to come onto their stand. “Always be up and about talking to people, make sure no one feels too intimidated to come and have a chat,” says Wiebke. “Think about what you can do to create a buzz around your stand. For instance, are there any clever freebies you can give out to generate some interest?”

If you want some more information on first-time exhibiting with the Prestige Exhibition System contact our design consultants at designteam@quadrant2design.com