Choosing an exhibition stand designer can be tough, as there are many factors to consider. However, at Quadrant2Design, we think we can sway even the toughest of exhibitors to our custom-modular solution.

We have compiled 5 characters who have initial reasons not to choose Quadrant2Design. Despite their reservations, we think these characters may benefit from our exhibition stand system.

Characters with reasons (not) to choose Quadrant2Design

Characters who might initially opt not to choose Quadrant2Design as exhibition stand designers

Meet Eco-Wary Ethan, the guy who’s convinced recycling is just a conspiracy invented by aluminium foil manufacturers.

Ethan might not choose Quadrant2Design based on sustainability, but when he sees the near-unlimited design options of our custom-modular stands, we think we could get him on our side. 


Quadrant2Design exhibition stands are inherently sustainable as they are reusable!

All stands are built within our Swiss-designed Prestige Events System and are custom-modular, reusable and reconfigurable. Because our stands are built from a modular system, they can be reused and reconfigured for different stand spaces, from island to peninsula. When people hear reusable, they sometimes assume they will use the same-looking stand for every event. However, at Quadrant2Design, a broad range of stand features offer near-unlimited design choices from high-level branding to custom-lit showcases. Features can be added or removed from the stand, and updating graphic panels as required keeps branding current and fresh, so it feels like you have a new stand each time!

The versatility in design paired with a reusable, high-quality long-lasting system and graphic panels make our stands the most sustainable option for exhibitors. 

Characters who might initially opt not to choose Quadrant2Design as exhibition stand designers

Introducing Splurge-Happy Sarah, the fairy godmother of retail therapy and the reigning champion of “Buy Now, Worry Later.” Sarah is type of girl who doesn’t do her product research, and often asks to buy the most expensive item in the shop. 

With a reconfigurable stand that feels new each time, even Sarah can be swayed to choose Quadrant2Design as her exhibition stand designer!


When you exhibit with Quadrant2Design, you are investing in a stand that helps you to save money in the long run. 

Quadrant2Design offers a Free-Hire Plan where you invest in your graphic panels and loan the hardware free of charge. This cost includes professional Project Management, stand transport, build, and dismantling for stress-free exhibiting. The first payment is the most costly, as you are starting from scratch with your graphic panels. However, after the initial investment, clients can expect up to 60% savings for future exhibitions. Quadrant2Design stores your stand and graphics, so long as clients continue exhibiting at least once a year. Not to mention, Lifetime Free Design means you can reconfigure your stand at no extra cost. Additional graphic panels can be designed and bought as necessary. 

Purchase clients also benefit from the cost savings of Quadrant2Design’s custom-modular exhibition stands. When you purchase a stand to self-build, you save money by not buying a new one each year and still have access to Lifetime Free Design. This means, you can refresh and reconfigure your stand with the same cost-benefits as the Free-Hire Plan. 

Characters who might initially opt not to choose Quadrant2Design as exhibition stand designers

Say hello to Quantity-Oriented Quinn, the Michelangelo of mismatched stands. (Great for the world of artists but not so good for brand-identity.) 

Quinn might not initially choose Quadrant2Design as his exhibition stand designer. However, switching to custom-modular will save him money, and will give him the consistency in branding that he needs. 


Custom exhibition stands appeal to some. However, they are extremely costly, and for every exhibition buyers are presented with the same issue of needing yet another new stand. For some, this is okay, but for others, sustainability is more important, and the costs that rack up aren’t feasible long-term. 

Equally buying cheap one-use stands has it’s issues. We’ve all heard of “buy cheap, buy twice”, but with exhibition stands there is no truer saying. When buying cheap, you often find yourself left with an underwhelming stand for your event. Additionally, these stands do not have the same high-quality building methods or materials, and may not last through the exhibition calendar. This means again replacing a stand over and over, rather than buying high-quality and reusable in the first instance. 

Choosing Quantity over Quality can cause also branding inconsistencies and different looking stands for every event. In contrast, when exhibiting with a reconfigurable stand, branding, graphics, style, and colours look the same across shows. Maintaining consistency in branding can greatly enhance professional image, establish a strong brand identity, and make the company more recognisable to repeat visitors. 

Characters who might initially opt not to choose Quadrant2Design as exhibition stand designers

Stress-Prone Stella’s not against peace of mind. She’s just got a soft spot for chaos that even a color-coded spreadsheet can’t tame.

We think that Stella, more than anyone, might benefit from our experienced Project Management, maybe she could even take a holiday. 


At Quadrant2Design, all our exhibition stands are project-managed by in-house professionals for stress-free exhibiting!

When you are exhibiting the last thing you want is to feel worried about your stand. Our experienced Project Managers and Design Consultants will take care of everything from the initial design to the event itself; ensuring the exhibition stand is perfect for event day. This means clients can focus on products and event strategies for the day, instead of dealing with or personally building the stand. Simply turn up ready to exhibit!

Characters who might initially opt not to choose Quadrant2Design

Last but certainly not least, we have Risk-loving Reece, the James Bond of last-minute decisions.

Reece may like the thrill of risk-taking, but he won’t be happy when his exhibition stand is missing graphics on event day. 


We all know and love a risk-taker. However, when it comes to your stand, you don’t want to allow any room for error. 

Our in-house services are one of the ways Quadrant2Design ensures there is no risk of error on event day. When you subcontract an aspect of your service, you lose control of that part, which can cause problems with the exhibition stand. From design and printing, to installation, we never sub-contract at Quadrant2Design. We even drive the stands to events ourselves to ensure they arrive at the destination safely and punctually. Additionally, to make certain exhibitions stands are flawless, we conduct thorough quality checks along our production line, which is possible, as our services are in-house!

In addition, Quadrant2Design performs a final thorough quality check: a full pre-build, with every graphic and every lightbulb installed. Clients are invited to visit this pre-build to ensure they are happy with the stand. Many bring their products to test stand features and test product placement before the event. There is no better way to guarantee the stand is ready for the event, than a pre-build. 

Quadrant2Design holds one of the largest libraries of exhibition videos, including our video series “Today in Pre-Build.”

Choose Quadrant2Design

And there you have it! A whistle-stop tour of the various characters who may initially opt against Quadrant2Design. 

Yet despite initial reservations, Quadrant2Design stands as a testament to sustainability, cost-effectiveness, and stress-free exhibiting! Whether it’s Stella’s love of stress or Reece’s love of risk, Quadrant2Design offers reliable and efficient alternatives. 

If you’re interested in using Quadrant2Design as your exhibition stand designer, contact our design team at +44 (0)1202 723 500 or email for a free no-obligation design proposal.