The vaper expo UK

February is famously a busy month for exhibition events. After the festive season break, it is the month when the exhibition calendar properly kicks off for the new year. And for one particular week this February, we have been super busy here at Quadrant2Design.

Between the 10th and 14th February, our fleet of vans were racing up and down the country to take our teams of diligent installers to the Midlands, Yorkshire, the South East and London. This was the week we installed stands at 5 shows at 5 different locations in just 5 days. In total, we did this for 12 different clients across very different industries.

Given the scale of the task, and with so much going on in such a short space of time, you might have expected the transportation and stand builds to be subcontracted to outsiders to keep up with demand. You’d be forgiven for thinking this because this is exactly what a typical exhibition company would do.

But as you know by now, Quadrant2Design are not like other exhibition companies.

We pride ourselves on our rigorous quality control checks by pre-building every exhibition stand before it leaves our premises. And as we have built up a reputation for having some of the most meticulous quality control checks in the industry, we’re certainly not going to take any last-minute risks on the transportation or build of stands by using third parties.

At Quadrant2Design, we make sure every service to do with your exhibition stand is done in-house. And, what is more, every exhibition stand will be managed by one of our project managers, from start to finish.

This is why we were able to manage the logistics of 12 exhibition stands at 5 different events in just 5 days. So, let’s have a look at the places we went to during our busy February week . . .

Show 1: Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2020, Farnborough International Exhibition Centre

To kick start the week we headed up to Farnborough for Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2020. Taking place between 11th to 13th February, this is one of the most popular engineering shows in the UK exhibition calendar.

For this event we had five clients: Southern Springs and Pressings, Reel Service, H K Wentworth, Gem Cable Solutions, and Duckworth & Kent. As all five clients were there to showcase their range of engineering and electoral items they used Quadrant2Design for our unique design features and our eye-catching product showcases.

Show 2: Ice Cream & Artisan Show, Yorkshire Event Centre, Harrogate

Next up was the Ice Cream & Artisan Show at the Yorkshire Event Centre in the picturesque town of Harrogate. Yorkshire might not be on our doorstep, but no matter which part of the UK or Europe our clients are exhibiting at we will always use our own fleet of vans to drive the exhibition stands to and from the venue.

Taking place between 11th to 13th February, this was one of the most significant events in the ice cream industry. And a very special one for us!  Our stand for HB Ingredients had the honour of winning the Best Small Stand Award for this show.

You can read more about how our team of designers created an immersive “ice cream parlour” style exhibition that took home this special award by clicking here.

Show 3: Learning Technologies 2020, Excel, London

At the same time that one of our stands was winning an award in Yorkshire, we had another team of installers down at the other end of the country for Learning Technologies 2020, at Excel, London. Billed as Europe’s leading event to showcase learning technology in the workplace, the exhibition took place from 12th to 13th February.

At this prestigious industry event, we had three clients exhibiting: Sponge UK, Rosetta Stone, and StoryShare Platform. Not surprisingly, as all three clients were showcasing their learning technologies platforms they required a range of interactive audio-visual features and product showcases on their stands.

As with any job we do, we would never leave this to unqualified outsiders. Over the weekend, before the event opened, our teams of installers were at Excel, building our stands for these three valued clients and making sure all their interactive features were in perfect working order for the show’s opening.

Learning Technologies

Show 4: Merchandise World, Ricoh Arena, Coventr

Our busy week continued as we headed up to the Midlands for Merchandise World at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry. This B2B event is one of the UK’s largest promotional merchandise trade exhibitions for leading professional distributors.

Here our client Moon Bespoke Clothing were exhibiting from 12th February to 13th. As the focus of this event was merchandise, our client needed a stand design that would best showcase their unique brand. As with all the events we have stands for, our installers were at the venue building the stand two days before the event opened.

Merchandise World

Show 5: The Vaper Expo UK, Olympia, London

Finally, our busy week came to an end on Valentine’s day where we were at Olympia London building stands for The Vaper Expo UK. This annual event is now recognised as the largest and most important vaping expo in Europe. Our clients Billionaire Juice and Vaperizzo were both there to highlight their latest range of vaping products and make their brands stand out from the crowd.

Anyone who has ever been to a vaping expo will know this industry pushes boundaries with creative exhibition graphics that draw inspiration from the tattoo and graffiti world. Our team of designers have extensive experience creating graphics for the vaping industry and our exclusive Prestige stands are perfect for having striking seamless graphics that will have a big impact at any exhibition.

Phew! It’s been quite a week and we’ve enjoyed travelling to all parts of the country and providing stands for so many clients across such a varied range of industries. And we are only able to achieve this because of our strong quality control processes and doing everything in-house.

No matter how busy we are at Quadrant2Design we will always take full control of your exhibition from start to finish by doing everything under one roof. With Quadrant2Design you can be confident that all the logistics for your event will be managed in-house.

The vaper expo UK