20 Things You Need to Know About Quadrant2Design

Quadrant2Design Celebrates 20th Anniversary 

2020 is the year Quadrant2Design celebrates its 20th year in business. As a leading exhibition company that was built on a foundation of strong quality control and a vision to create unique and sustainable stands, we must have done something right.

As we mark this exciting 20-year milestone for the company, here are the 20 things you need to know about Quadrant2Design on our 20th anniversary . . .

1. We are the ONLY exhibition company to 100% pre-build every stand

This is something no other exhibition company will do for you. But as you already know, we’re not like other exhibition companies. We pre-build every exhibition stand before it leaves our premises.

This quality control check makes sure any potential issues are fully resolved and everything is in order, and ready to go, well before your stand is installed at your exhibition show. To find out more about our pre-build process click here.

impressive exhibition stand built by Quadrant2Design

2. Our company name REFLECTS our attitude to time management

We used to be called Exhibit-UK.Net but changed our name to Quadrant2Design in 2014. This was inspired by life coach Stephen Covey’s time management matrix.

According to Covey, our time can be broken up into four quadrants that allow us to prioritise tasks in relations to their importance and urgency. Quadrant2design is the place for jobs which are important but not urgent – the perfect place for creative thinking and planning.

3. We Are the UK’s EXCLUSIVE suppliers of Prestige Events System

We work with one solution which is exclusive to us: the world’s premier exhibition stand system.

Unlike custom build or generic modular stand systems used by other exhibition companies – many of which are either too heavy/bulky or too light-weight and shoddy – Swiss designed Prestige Events System is the only solution which is light and flexible while being strong and high quality. This enables us to design and build highly creative stands which are truly reusable and sustainable.

exhibition stand design visual and concept

4. We will create a FREE 3D visual of your stand without any obligation

All of our talented in-house exhibition designers are experts in their field and will propose business-enhancing ideas and design features based on your brand and image.

And unlike other exhibition companies who will quickly “churn out” some misleading design visual, our team will patiently go through the whole process a number of times until you have the perfect eye-catching stand design that meets your needs.

The great news is that there is no cost or obligation from you. None at all. All we want is your feedback so we can create the best possible exhibition stand to represent your brand. To request your FREE 3D visual click here.

5. We offer FREE lifetime Design to all our clients

As you know already one of the great things about Quadrant2Design is you can reuse and “reconfigure” your exhibition stand and graphics for any future events you might be exhibiting at. But unless you are highly skilled in CAD design, you will find it near impossible to rearrange your exhibition stand for a different space.

With our lifetime free stand design, we will re-design and reconfigure your stand to fit with any new stand space for FREE. Our designers will use your existing kit and graphics to suit any new space you will be standing at. If you’re planning on exhibiting at more than one event, then this is one of the most cost-effective solutions you can choose.

woman using computer design software
Quadrant2Designs mascot is a Saint Bernard, sharing its Swiss heritage with the prestige events system

6. Our MASCOT is a Saint Bernard called Wilhelm

You may see him in some of our branding. Yes, he’s a beautiful dog, but he’s also there for another reason.

The Saint Bernard is a Swiss breed of dog famous for being reliable, strong and versatile. Sound familiar? Wilhelm is the perfect mascot for our exclusive modular Prestige exhibition stands.

7. We offer photo-flooring as an INTEGRAL part of our service.

When you exhibit at a show you want to attract as many attendees to your stand as possible. In order to do this, you need to stand out from the competition. What better way to do this than by making the most of your exhibition floor area and extending your visually stunning graphic display into this space?

Whatever the size of your space, the effect of our unique photo-flooring is a fully branded environment for your exhibition. If you don’t have a large area for your stand, this is the perfect way to create a great impact.

Many exhibitors come to Quadrant2Design as we are the only exhibition company to offer this exceptional attention-grabbing design feature as an essential part of our service.

Quadrant2design printed floor, photo-floor
Kakapos in a tree , supported by The Kakapo Recovery program and quadrant2design

8. We are proud SPONSORS of the Kakapo Recovery Programme

The Kakapo is critically endangered – there are only around 210 left in the world. Thanks to the Kakapo Recovery Programme, which is a science-based conservation strategy that works towards protecting the Kakapo, the numbers of this rare New Zealand bird are increasing.

Quadrant2Design have donated an exhibition stand kit – complete with hardware and graphics that can be reconfigured into different layouts – to the Kakapo Recovery Programme.

As proud sponsors, we will continue to support this vital conservation programme with exhibition stand materials and graphics for their future shows.

9. We can guarantee quality control by doing EVERYTHING in-house

As you know by now, we like to guarantee quality control and keep on top of schedules.  For this reason, we make sure every service to do with your exhibition stand is done in-house.

Unlike other exhibition companies, we do not take risks by sub-contracting out any aspect of your exhibition stand to third parties. From initial stand design to transportation and installation, we take full control of your exhibition project from start to finish. At Quadrant2Design you can rest assured everything is one under one roof.

10. Our Exhibition Stands are TRULY reusable  

The exhibition industry is one where the use of unsustainable materials and waste of energy resources is still sadly very common. This is because many stands are made from unsustainable MDF/timber resources for events which only last a few days. Not only is this extremely wasteful but it is also highly expensive for you.

Many companies might claim their stands are reusable, but if they can’t be reused in a different exhibition space they are NOT reusable.

But we are different. Our Prestige stands are made from flexible aluminium frames which means they can be reconfigured for different spaces at different shows. As this means you can use the same stand over and over again, you could save up to 70% on repeat exhibiting.

11. We are a truly INTERNATIONAL exhibiting company

We have not only worked with clients from all over the world but we have created and installed exhibition stands at venues in over 20 countries.

What is more, as we have a diverse and multi-lingual team of people at Quadrant2Design, you can be confident that no matter where in the world you’re exhibiting, we’ve got you covered.

12. We have CREATED over 10,000 exhibition stands

Over the past two decades, we have had the honour of successfully designing and building over 10,000 incredible exhibition stands for our valued clients. This has included creating business-enhancing stands for numerous SMEs, as well as well-known large organisations such as the Bank of England, Olympus and Tesco.

To find out more about the interesting clients and industries we’ve created stands for click here.

13. We keep calm and PLAY ping pong

We work hard at Quadrant2Design, and the wellbeing of our team is important to us. This is why we hold table tennis tournaments in our workplace for all our staff to compete in when they are on a break. Who doesn’t love a bit of friendly competition in the office? Game on!

14. We offer FREE2HIRE exhibition stands

Quadrant2design offer you the option of paying zero rental cost for your exhibition stand structures under our Free2hire plan. This means you only pay for your exhibition graphics, project management and professional installation – the hire of your exhibition stand is completely free!

And because your exhibition stand is free, your costs are radically reduced, so you have the freedom to exhibit more frequently for less cost.


15. On the road again! We have our own vans to TRANSPORT your stand

We pride ourselves on our rigorous quality control checks for your exhibition stand, so we’re certainly not going to take any last-minute risks by sub-letting the transportation of your exhibition stand to your event.

With all exhibitions in the UK or across Europe, we use our own fleet of vans to drive to and from the venue. Unlike other exhibition companies, this means we don’t take any chances on the possibility of third party companies failing to deliver on time.

16. Our project managers have got ALL your exhibiting needs COVERED

We know the logistics of creating an exhibition stand for an event can be intimating for anyone planning to exhibit – especially if this is your first time. That is why at Quadrant2Design, we will assign you with a personal project manager to take all the stress out of your exhibition planning.

Unlike other exhibition companies, our team of project managers go the “extra mile” to support your exhibiting needs throughout the entire process – managing every detail, from planning and preparation right through to installation at the exhibition.

17. We INVITE you to come and experience your stand during our pre-build

Our exclusive pre-build process guarantees that every detail of your exhibition stand will undergo the most meticulous checks in the industry. This means that every shelf, light, and graphic will be checked and ready for your event.

But why not come down to our design studio and factory for a coffee and see this first hand for yourself? This will give you the chance to see your stand in all its glory before your exhibition takes place.

18. We have over 700 GENUINE Client Reviews on our Website

Many businesses will publish contrived or edited testimonials on their websites. But this does not provide customers with any sense of the level of service they can expect from a business. If a customer review seems too perfect, then the chances are it is probably fake.

You can be confident all of our client reviews are 100% real and unedited – we publish them word for word as they come in. Over the 20 years we have been designing and building exhibition stands, we have collected thousands of reviews for our services. Click here to see the most recent 700 testimonials.

19. We have developed an amazing range of unique DESIGN features

We are not only the UK’s exclusive suppliers of Prestige Event System but, over the years, our highly talented CAD designers have developed a range of exclusive design features for this truly unique system.

Want an attention-grabbing product display for your stand? Why not use our 4D showcase option?  Or for if you want attendees to engage with your product, why not consider our rotating headers?

As all our design features are unique to us and our Prestige Event System, you can be confident your exhibition stand will stand apart from the competition. To find out more about our exclusive design features click here.

20. We INVITE all potential new customers to come and visit our showroom

Thinking about using Quadrant2Design for your exhibition? Why not pop down to our HQ for a coffee and chat? We will take you around our showroom and our pre-build factory, introduce you to the design team and discuss your exhibiting needs and options.

You’re welcome to come down any time. Just get in touch to arrange a visit.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Author Bio | Austin Rowlands

Austin Rowlands is a content writer for Quadrant2Design, with extensive experience in the exhibition and events industry. He uses this industry knowledge to write feature articles and guides to help businesses, across all industries, with all their exhibition needs.


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